move in ready homeOcean Isle is one of the prettiest small beach communities in North Carolina. A small southern community located on the ocean, if you are building a home in Ocean Isle, NC, it will be a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, the process of searching for a home on the real estate market can also be a tremendously stressful and time-consuming process. Avoid the hassle of Carolina real estate by purchasing a brand-new construction from a quality builder. Building a home shouldn’t require you to be stressed because if you have a firm plan, it can save you in the long run. Here are our top 7 tips for constructing a new home in Ocean Isle, NC. 

7 Tips for New Home Construction in Ocean Isle, NC

1. Have a Plan

Planning is the most essential part of the construction process. To avoid a planning disaster, make sure you plan the details of your house carefully. For example, think about what direction the house will face or how the layout and flow of the rooms will be. Don’t worry, RealStar Homes specialized team can help you develop the perfect plan. 

2. Budgeting

The building process will likely cost more than your estimated plan. You will need to take into account site cost and zoning fees to prepare your site for construction. While building, there will be add-ons and material changes that will result in spending more than you planned. RealStar Homes can help you in unforeseen circumstances by creating and working with you on a budget with affordable financing, materials, and suppliers.

3. Choose a Builder

The most important decision you will make when building a home is finding a builder that you can trust. You need to consider several factors when hiring a builder, like credentials, references, past work, style, personality, and price. RealStar Homes work only with professional and trustworthy builders who share our principles and provide high-quality homes.

4. Understand Your Contract

Carefully read the contract with your builder to make sure you understand the agreement. Check for your detailed plans, warranty, and insurance information. Hire a lawyer to look over the contract before you sign to ensure there is not any information hidden or not included. Every RealStar Homes comes with a 10-Year Structural Warranty to show how committed we are to taking care of our homeowners. We also invest in having every home 3rd party quality inspected to make sure your home’s workmanship is the highest quality.

5. Organize Your Finances

You will need a construction home loan to finance the process of building a property. Before seeking out finance, have a detailed plan in place. Construction home loans rely on an estimate of the completed home’s value. RealStar Homes can assist you with affordable financing and estimate the amount you will need for your loan. 

6. Communicate With Your Builder

Throughout the process, you should communicate with your builder and receive regular updates on the progress of construction. RealStar Homes offers great communication with their customers and carefully guides them throughout the entire home building process to ensure that their home is one that they are proud to own.

7. Independent Inspector

Each stage of construction should be inspected by an independent consultant. This will help you with knowing that all the building material and practices used in constructing your home meet all necessary codes and regulations. RealStar Homes offers a series of quality inspections that are followed by an independent third-party Quality Assurance Inspection that looks at all of the finished detail and makes sure your home is top-notch. If you are planning to build a home in the Ocean Isle area, contact us.