PersonalizingBuilding your dream house requires a lot of planning; however, poor planning and budgets that are too small can lead to inconvenient and disastrous mistakes. When you plan on building a new home, you must make decisions about exactly what you need and what you don’t need. You should consider your current and future lifestyles and take your time to do research. Poor design choices can make your home not comfortable. Architects, engineers, and builders are trained to help you make effective decisions. They will guide you when building your home so no corners will be cut. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Building a New Home in Ocean Isle, NC

1. Poor Space Planning

For regular homes, space planning and design are crucial because you could be potentially wasting space that could be used for something else. For example, storage is necessary, but pay attention to where you place your storage space and don’t be excessive. There should be a closet in each bedroom and in the main hallway, but too many storage spaces can take away from the living space. Choose wisely when planning your rooms, or else you will find yourself wasting space that could have been used for having a master bathroom or an additional bedroom.

2. Poor Overall Planning

When designing your own home, you need to take your lifestyle and habits into consideration. You should think ahead to see where you will be and what you will need from your home in the long run. Otherwise, poor planning can result in not finding yourself happy with your home.

3. Under-Utilized Rooms

Adding a playroom, game room, or a multipurpose room sounds enticing; however, plan to build a room that will get used. Unused rooms can be a waste of money, time, and resources. These unused rooms will become a dumping ground for things that never get used. If you plan on adding a spare room, make sure that room can be transitioned well into another room like an office that also doubles as a guest room.

4. Placement of Rooms

Placement of rooms matters. For example, place the master bedroom far away from the noise and traffic and from the central living areas. If your home is going to be one level, the master bedroom should ideally be at the end of the house. Laundry rooms can be the most difficult to place, but you can place them relatively close to the bedrooms for easy access. The placement of the kitchen should be at the main point of entry and next to the dining and living area. If there is a garage, there should be a mudroom because it serves as a barrier between the garage and inside of the house. 

Whether you are building a house for the first time or looking to build another home, you can avoid mistakes and stress by purchasing a home from the team at Realstar Homes. Realstar Homes is dedicated to building high-quality homes throughout the Carolina Coast. Whether it’s Chatham Glenn in Ocean Isle or one of our many other communities, it’s important to us that we guide each customer throughout the entire home building process, so there are no mistakes. Contact us for more information and inquiries about your new home.