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RealStar Homes is proud to build great homes in the Myrtle Beach area. We tell anyone who will listen that this area is the best place to live in the country. Whether you are searching for somewhere to raise a family, retire and play golf, or vacation regularly, we recommend this area above all others. USA Today published an article regarding 24/7 Wall St.'s mission to find the best, most affordable cities in which people want to live, and no surprise to us, Myrtle Beach is number one!

Here's what makes us number one, and why you should make it a top priority to move here:

Myrtle Beach is a dream come true for those who love fun in the sun and a generous portion of surf and sand. Located on South Carolina’s stunning coastline, you will find a sixty-mile stretch of beaches, as well as some of the world’s best golf courses, beautiful beachfront boardwalks, arcades, restaurants, shops… and so much more. About 20 million people flock to Myrtle Beach during the summer - but we love it just as much in the winter. What is there to do, you ask? A better question: what isn’t there to do! Colder temps do not put a damper on excitement in this beautiful area.

During the holiday seasons, tens of millions of us take to the roads, rails, and airways to visit family and friends or to escape the cold and lounge on sandy white beaches! No matter why you travel, it is important to keep your home safe while you are away. We’ve put together a helpful list to ensure your property is protected while you are traveling for the holidays.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own home, is now the time to make it a reality? With low-interest rates and home prices, now could be the right time to buy. While the decision is more complex than just looking at a few factors, waiting too long could backfire. Housing supply could decrease - which raises prices - and interest rates will go along for the ride. Do your homework, look at different properties, weigh the pros and cons - and see if you’re ready to make your move. 

There are several factors that make 2019/2020 an advantageous time to buy a home:

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