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The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Dream Home for Retirement

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Dream Home for Retirement

Retirement is a wonderful time in life, full of new adventures while enjoying the fruits of your career. Now that you have proudly and finally earned the retirement phase of your life, you want to make sure your dream house is in the right place and has the best features for now and the future. The Carolina coast has become a favorite destination for retirees buying and building new homes. 

Realstar Homes has been building new homes and new home communities along the Carolina coast for decades. We are familiar with the potential pitfalls of creating the house in which you intend to spend your retirement years. We want to help you ask the right questions to make sure you end up with the house you will enjoy now and for years to come. 


Whether you are designing a home for your retirement in Myrtle Beach, SC, or somewhere along southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina, this guide should help you remember the important factors. We will answer these key questions:

  • Who Will Build Your Home?
  • What Are Your Current Housing Needs?
  • What Will Be Your Needs in the Future?
  • Where Do You Want To Live?
  • What Will Be Your Hobbies?

Who Will Build Your Home?

It may seem counterintuitive to think about who will build your home before you have started the design process; however, if you know that you will be using builders who are experienced, you will want to lean on their expertise from the beginning. 

As you enter this important phase of life that you have worked so hard to earn, you want to make sure you choose the right builder to help with the process and ultimately make your dream come to life. An inexperienced builder might not ask the right questions to ensure your house fits all of your needs. The right builder will help you determine what will and won’t work, what materials will serve you best, and be there to think of the things you might otherwise forget. 

Realstar Homes has decades of experience designing and building homes in southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. We are proudly recognized as market leaders who provide our customers with the highest quality homes. RealStar ensures that all of our homes are designed with your needs in mind. We will walk with you through the entire process to ensure you are satisfied with the home we build. Whether you are building in the Carolinas or somewhere else entirely, make sure you design your home with expert home builders. 

What Are Your Current Housing Needs?

The home of your retirement dreams should be built to suit your wants and needs. Do you want a front porch? Do you want a jacuzzi bathtub? Do you want a lot of space? Your home designer and builder can make that happen for you. Make sure you think about what you need as well. 

  1. Do you need space for entertaining? If you enjoy hosting parties, you will need to think through your indoor and outdoor amenities. 
  2. Do you need a large kitchen? Is the kitchen you are picturing larger than you what you need? Will you want to clean and maintain that kitchen over the years?
  3. Do you need a second story? You may want to eliminate climbing the stairs in retirement. At the same time, you may need to accommodate family and visiting friends. A first story master suite with guest bedrooms upstairs may be perfect for you. 
  4. Do you plan on traveling? If your house will be home base for adventures, you will want to make sure your house requires little maintenance. A Garden Home may be the right balance of comfort and low maintenance. 
  5. Do you want to maintain your lawn? You may enjoy lawn care and gardening, so you will want a detached single-family home. You may be ready to retire from yard maintenance, in which case, a garden home may be the right choice.

The right home builder and designer will help you think through these and other questions to help make sure your home is something you will love and enjoy. 

What Will Be Your Needs in the Future?

Once you have considered what you want in your home today, you will need to think through what your future will hold. Your home should be designed to meet your needs in the future as well. It may be impossible to anticipate everything the entirety of your retirement, but as much as you can help it, you want to make sure this home will be enjoyed throughout the next several decades. If this is the home in which you intend to spend your retirement, you will want to anticipate future needs. For example:

  • Single-story to reduce stair climbing
  • First-floor master bedroom with guest rooms on the second floor
  • Open floor plans that require less tight navigation
  • No step or ramped entrances
  • Thresholds that are flush with the floor
  • Non-slip flooring and flush shower entries 
  • Countertops and storage that is easy to reach and use
  • Additional bedrooms to host future grandchildren

The last thing you want to do is find your house does not serve your needs a few years after you move in. If there is any doubt, ask a lot of questions of your family and your home builder before you settle on a final design. 

Where Do You Want To Live?

Many people think about living out their retirement in a secluded location on a private island or high in the mountains. You have been around people every day for years, so the thought of getting away seems appealing at first; however, in reality, you will miss the community and the amenities of a great city or town. Myrtle Beach and the towns around it in North and South Carolina are popular locations for retirees for many factors, including:

  • World-class golf courses and clubs
  • Restaurants that are featured on television
  • Entertainment for families and individuals 
  • Outdoor activities like biking and walking
  • White-sand beaches and warm waters
  • Pleasant and mild weather
  • Secluded neighborhoods that are convenient to the Grand Strand

Realstar Homes has a variety of communities from southeastern North Carolina to Myrtle Beach and beyond. The natural features near your location will impact the amenities you desire. For instance, if you have views on both sides, you might want a front and back porch. If your home looks over the Intracoastal Waterway, like our Queen’s Cove community, you may want to make sure you have the prettiest windows on the front for sunrises. 

What Will Be Your Hobbies?

You may have hobbies and actives in mind that you already enjoy, or you may want to start something new in your retirement years. Your house can and should support your existing and potential new hobbies. 

  • If you are or plan to become a golfer, you will need space to store your clubs and equipment. 
  • If you are or plan to become a cyclist, you will need bike hooks and other storage. 
  • If you do or plan to work on vehicles, you will need a garage. 
  • If you fish or plan to start fishing, you will need a place to store equipment and clean fish. 
  • If you are a boater or plan to start boating, you will need a place to store and wash your boat. 
  • If you sew or plan to start sewing, you may need a sewing room.
  • If you are an artist or plan to start painting/sculpting, you will benefit from a studio.

Think through what are and will be your hobbies and ask your home builder to incorporate those needs into the design. That will make things easier for you and your spouse. 

Designing the home of your dreams may be one of the things to which you are looking forward to the most about retirement. You may be living in a home now that you love and is pragmatically designed to meet your needs, but now you are ready to build something you have always wanted. Make sure you consider everything you will want and need, and then work with your home builder to design a house you will enjoy throughout your retirement years. 

If you are building a home in southeastern North Carolina, northeastern South Carolina, or near Myrtle Beach, you can count on Realstar Homes to make your dreams a reality. You can view several of our home designs and explore our communities on our website. You can also reach out and we will be happy to answer questions and help you begin the process.  Contact Realstar Homes for more information.