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What Are the Steps to Closing on a New Home

What Are the Steps to Closing on a New Home

At any given time, the Myrtle Beach area has thousands of people searching for new homes. One primarily known as a tourist destination, new businesses have either opened or relocated to our area, bringing with them a host of excellent career opportunities. The region continues to show up on lists of the best places in which to live and raise families. With world-class golf clubs and premier freshwater and saltwater fishing, Horry County and the surrounding area are perfect for retirees as well. 

Whatever might bring you to the area, shopping for a new home here can be an exciting experience for you and your family. From researching houses and neighborhoods online to walkthroughs where you can discuss your vision for rooms and spaces, you get to do a lot of dreaming while you are searching. At the same time, it can be a challenging season fraught with disappointments. From bidding in competition with others to failed inspections and unexpected appraisals, many find their dream houses slip from their grasp during the closing process. Even a successful closing can wear you down and sour your experience. 

One of the ways to potentially avoid some of the stress of closing on a house is purchasing a brand-new home. Here are the steps to closing on a new construction build with Realstar Homes. 


6 Steps to Closing on a Newly Constructed Home

1) Research Homes Online

While researching houses for sale online can be fun, it can be fraught with frustration as few will ever seem to check all of the boxes you need. It is challenging to find a house in the right location that has the floorplan, styles, colors, and amenities for which you are looking. Often, as soon as you find a good option, it goes under contract before you can see it.

It is much easier and less stressful to begin your online research with us.  This is easier when searching builder neighborhoods. 

2) Visit Communities

We build everything from single-family houses with multiple stories to townhomes and garden homes. For those who are searching for vacation houses or need the flexibility to travel without worrying about ongoing maintenance, our townhouse and garden home communities should move to the top of your list. For families or retirees who anticipate frequent visits from grandchildren, your first choice might be our single-family house communities. In each neighborhood, there are several designs and floorplans from which to choose, so you do not have to compromise convenience to find your dream home. You can reach out to the team at Realstar for help finding the right communities and homes to view. 

3) Choose a Community and Floorplan

Once you have discovered your perfect Realstar neighborhood, you can choose the floorplan that suits your family's needs. Communities such as Glenmoor in Conway, SC have as many as 13 designs from which to choose. In addition to layout, you can add a number of options like sunrooms, outdoor living arrangements, and more. 

4) Get Pre-Approved and Enter Into Your Purchase Agreement

Once you have settled on your community, floorplan, upgrades, and final price, you will need to be pre-approved for a home loan in order to move on to the next step. Once you are pre-approved, you will be able to enter into a purchase agreement. This will require an affordable amount of earnest money, which is then applied to the down payment when you close on your new home. You will not have to make bids and stress over negotiating what will and won't convey with the house. You will not need to plan for renovations. You will not have to stress over details and scheduling. You will simply sign your purchase agreement and then apply for your loan. Realstar has several lenders with whom we work closely, or you can work with your own if you prefer. 

5) Schedule Your Design Center Appointment

Once you have obtained your loan, you will be able to schedule your Design Center appointment. Each Realstar Homes community has a Design Center, where you will work with a New Home Counselor to design your new house's interior to make it your own. 

6) Close on Your New Home

As your home is being built, a project manager will keep you updated regarding progress and key dates. Thirty days prior to closing on your new home, you will be notified about your closing date and the necessary information that may be needed. At settlement, you will sign for and receive many documents related to owning your new home. After your settlement, you will be the owner of a brand new home. 

If you want to avoid much of the stress of searching for and closing on a new home, the team at Realstar Homes is here to help provide the best customer experience possible. We want to make sure your next home is the one that you and your family will love for years to come. Contact us for more information about how you can tour our communities and homes.