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Top House Color Combinations for 2022

The real estate market has grown exponentially in the last twelve to eighteen months. The effects of the global pandemic did nothing to slow down the buying and selling of property. 

There are many factors to consider before putting in an offer on a home. You must work through how much space you and your family need, accommodations for health and wellness, whether or not you need a garage, where you will live, and how to ensure you can pay for the house you want and need. 

Then you and your real estate agent search tirelessly until you find a home that meets all or at least the majority of the factors you determine are most important. 

In this market, you may already feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack, but then when you find it, someone else is trying to buy the same needle. Even if a house isn't perfect, there is pressure to put in offers on homes that check most of the boxes. 


By the time you get to the closing table, the process can feel daunting. 

Whether you are still shopping or you just closed on a new home, color combinations may not be at the top of your priority list, but they do matter. Getting colors right will help you and your family appreciate your purchase, avoid buyer's remorse, and maintain curb appeal. 

Here is what you need to know about house color combinations today and in the future. 

Why Exterior House Color Combinations Matter

Getting the right exterior color for your home is not trivial. There are several reasons color combinations matter:

  • Your preference: You want to make sure you and your family enjoy everything about your home, including the color combination.
  • Your neighborhood: Some people want their homes to stand out, while others may prefer to blend in. You may want to find a balance between those two options.
  • Your property value: Your home is an investment. The return you get depends in part on your choice of colors.
  • Your housing costs: Some color combinations may be more expensive and could send your housing costs past your budget.
  • Your setting: Whether your home is in the country or an urban setting, you want colors to fit with its surroundings.

Choosing the Igor color combination does matter, but how can you make the right choice?

How to Get Color Combinations Right

You know color combinations matter, but with so many choices, how can you narrow down your options and choose well? 

  1. Choose color combinations that appeal to your family: Your home is an extension of who you are. It is also an extension of your family. Together, you will fill it with wonderful memories. You want your kids and family members to remember fondly the times you spent together. You want the color of those memories to be as positive as the experiences. 
  2. Be mindful of HOA and municipal rules and regulations: There may be rules that govern the choices you can make regarding colors. Make sure you check with your HOA and municipality before you commit to a color combination. 
  3. Speak with experts before making a final decision: It never hurts to check with experts before making a decision regarding any part of your home. 
  4. Consider the effort and cost of repainting: If it is possible, you want to get the color combination right with your first choice. When shopping for an existing house, it is always preferable to find something with a color you enjoy so that you do not have to repaint it. If you are building a house, you want to make a color choice you won’t regret. Exterior painting can be costly and laborious, so consider that before you settle on a color.
  5. Pay attention to your curb appeal: While you and your family might hope that this home is the one you’ll be in for decades or more, it is wise to be mindful of property values. If you choose a color that will hurt your curb appeal, you may find that when it comes time to list your property, you have to either repaint or drop your asking price.

Color Combination Trends

There are several beautiful color combination trends that add sophistication and curb appeal to your home. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Gray and Blue
  2. Pearl Gray, Slate Blue, and White
  3. Navy and White
  4. Blue, Red, and Tan
  5. White and Aquamarine
  6. Brown and Sand
  7. Taupe, Red, and White
  8. Warm Gray, Red, and Black
  9. Black and White
  10. Putty and Gray

While any of these color styles will be both beautiful and stylish, none of them will seem outlandish or out of place in your neighborhood. If you ever think you might sell your property, you can count on any of these color combinations to have fairly broad appeal. 

Building a Home vs. Buying an Existing House

If finding a home with everything you need is challenging, finding one with the exact exterior color combination you want is nearly impossible. Building a home is the best way to ensure you get the components, amenities, and colors you want. 

At Realstar Homes, we offer a variety of beautiful contemporary exterior color combinations. You can count on our homes to be constructed with the highest quality materials by builders with decades of experience. 

For those interested in a beautiful home in the Myrtle Beach area, contact Realstar Homes today