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Think Twice Before Buying a Secluded House for Retirement

Think Twice Before Buying a Secluded House for Retirement

Have you dreamed for years about finally retiring and getting off the grid? Are you looking forward to finally buying that house that does not show up on GPS mapping software? When you picture your retirement, do you imagine that it is easier to walk out onto the dock and fish for your breakfast than get to a restaurant?

Ironically, you are not alone in your vision of a secluded retirement; however, your dream may be at odds with your friends, family, and spouse. Besides the potential that your closest loved ones may be looking forward to finally spending time with you when you retire, there are some important reasons you should avoid buying a home far from civilization. Here are seven reasons to think twice before you purchase a secluded house, especially for retirees.


Why You Should Think Twice Before Investing in a Secluded Home

1) Your Spouse May Not Share Your Off-The-Grid Vision

If you have spent your lives living near modern conveniences, you may not realize how much you really depend on urban amenities. You may also be somewhat unaware of how important it is for you and your spouse to live close enough to maintain healthy friendships with people in your community. Being set on retiring to seclusion may not be what your spouse has in mind, and they might just have a point. 

2) Your Family May Grow 

Some retirees experience regret when they purchase their secluded dream house because they find they cannot see their families and grandchildren as often as they desire. Can you imagine your children announcing the arrival of little ones by carrier pigeon because that is the only way they can reach you? If changes might come to your family that could change your retirement housing goals, you will want to think twice about investing in a secluded home.

3) Your Health Needs May Change

One of the things you may miss living in the woods is the presence of quality medical care. You or your spouse may need to live closer to hospitals and doctors as time passes and needs change. Living in seclusion may lose its appeal even further if you find yourself physically uncomfortable during long car rides to pick up basic necessities from town. If your health needs change, you will want to live relatively to hospitals, doctors, and some modern conveniences.

4) You May Miss Having Neighbors

Having neighbors may have seemed like an inconvenience at one point, but after living in seclusion for a time, you may miss having people nearby who can watch over you and your property. Good neighbors are there when you need someone to care for a pet for the weekend, watch for a package to arrive, or scare off a potential intruder. They are the people that you may not realize you miss until you choose to live off the grid.

5) You May Want To Travel

Living in seclusion implies that you will spend most of your days in isolation. If you have just retired, being off the grid may impede your ability to travel. You will be farther from airports, less likely to find neighbors and house sitters, and more concerned about property maintenance that depends solely on you. 

6) You Will Miss Out on Hobbies and Entertainment

Retirement provides the opportunity to enjoy hobbies and entertainment options for which you did not previously have the time or financial flexibility. You and your spouse may find life in isolation terribly boring after a few months or days. 

7) You Will Miss Out on the Best of Both Worlds

If you insist on living in seclusion, you may miss out on some wonderful communities that provide the best of both worlds. Realstar Homes has several neighborhoods that afford a sense of peace and seclusion while being in close enough proximity to towns and population centers that provide the amenities you and your spouse desire. Some of those communities include:

If you are ready to consider a quality home in a peaceful community that still puts you within a short drive from some of the best golf courses, beaches, and entertainment in the Carolinas, the team at Realstar Homes is here to walk you through some excellent options. Contact us for more information about our homes and communities