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Should I Buy a Move-In Ready Home

Should I Buy a Move-In Ready Home

Looking to own a home but can’t decide whether to build a brand-new home or purchase a quick move-in ready home? Realstar Homes has curated a list of pros and cons to help you decide which options will better suit your lifestyle.


Pros to Building a House

  • Customization: The best part about deciding to build a new home is being able to personalize details that will suit your lifestyle and needs. Customizing your dream home by creating the layout, choosing cabinets, flooring, sinks, lighting, and even the paint colors are exciting to decide during the building process.
  • Lower Maintenance: New homes are likely built to the current building code and up-to-date technology; you don’t have to worry about any significant repairs or maintenance issues for a few years. This means that the chances of a leaky roof, broken pipes, or failing HVAC systems are little to none. Plus, home builders like Realstar Homes offer a 10-year warranty and are third party quality inspected to ensure Realstar homes are top-notch in workmanship. 
  • Lower Energy Costs: New homes are often installed with smart technology and appliances that feature the latest energy-efficient systems and materials that limit your carbon footprint and save you money.
  • Brand New Feeling: The biggest benefit of building a new home is that you get to experience a fresh start as the first owner of your dream home. Bask in the enjoyment of using new systems, appliances, finishes, and fixtures. 

Cons of Building a House

  • Lower Wait Time: It takes an average of seven to twelve months to construct a new home and that is not counting the extra months of planning and approval stages. The process of building a house is gruesome and time-consuming. You’ll likely have a gap in living arrangements between the time you sell your old house and build your new one. Quick Tip: You will need to budget the cost of renting and living expenses until you can move into your newly built home.
  • Harder to Negotiate Price:  Most newer buyers in the market hope to purchase a newly built home at a lower price. However, with these new homes, there is not a lot of leeway on closing costs or purchasing prices with the developers. 
  • Construction Clean-Up: Except that, if you are building a home where other new homes are being built, you will have to deal with construction noise, traffic, and mud. When you finally get your keys to your new home, consider the post-construction cleaning process because even though it’s new, drywall dust, leftover construction materials, and new appliances should be cleaned before moving completely in.
  • Stressful Decisions: You will have to make a lot of decisions when building a home. From purchasing land, deciding on a home design, and budgeting can become stressful. Managing all the details takes patience, time, and effort. 
  • Hidden Costs: Building a home requires labor and materials like countertops, fixtures, and appliances. Upgrading certain materials and choosing more luxury items can quickly drive the price of your new home and run your budget thin. Make budget-conscious decisions when choosing details, distinguish between your wants and needs, and plan to cover extra hidden costs and fees.

Pros of Buying a Move-In Ready New House

  • Less Stressful: The most significant advantage to building a home is getting exactly what you want within your price range; however, the process is taxing and a stressful experience. Sure, you get to custom build a home, but it also means that you’ll have to take on the responsibilities and stress in order to do it. When buying an already built home, you won’t have to deal with the extra stress of purchasing land, working with a builder, and making all of the design decisions.
  • Quick Move-In: Another benefit to purchasing a home is that you will be able to move in sooner. You won’t have to look for a long-term living arrangement while your home is being built and budget in renting and living expenses.
  • Landscape: You may not have to hire a landscaper and wait for a lawn to grow and trees to mature since your home will most likely already have landscaping.
  • Upgradable: Who says you can’t upgrade your home? Most modern homes are built to last and are easier to upgrade.

Cons of Buying a Move-In Ready New House

  • Buyer’s Remorse: You may develop buyer’s remorse if you settle or compromise on too many things when buying a home.
  • Less Energy Efficient: Since your heating and cooling system is older, it may be less efficient, which can result in higher energy costs throughout the year.
  • Requires Repairs: Older appliances, pipes, and electrical systems may require more maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

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Whichever choice you make to build or buy a new home, Realstar Homes can assist you through the entire building and purchasing process. Not only do we have years of experience and professional connections to high-quality builders, but we also offer a vast selection of move-in ready modern homes with different layouts to choose from. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a new homeowner to our many Realstar Homes.