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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It was a beautiful and delightful autumn in northeastern South Carolina. The temperatures have been warm but comfortable, not too hot or too cold. Aside from a few rainy systems, it has been sunny with beautiful blue skies. We have enjoyed being able to get outside and experience everything our area has to offer.

Fortunately, our area will remain relatively mild throughout the winter. There will be a few bouts of frigid temperatures, but for the most part, you can still spend some time outdoors. However, this is the season where people will find they are inside more often and inevitably relying on their heating systems to keep them warm. When you and your family are at home more often, your indoor air quality is more important than the rest of the year. 


We want to help make sure residents of northeastern South Carolina are breathing well inside their homes. Here are six tips for improving your indoor air quality.

6 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

1) Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Working

Typically, you may think of your heating and air conditioning system as something that just makes your home cooler or warmer. However, one of its main functions is to ensure proper ventilation and airflow inside your house. Therefore, if it is malfunctioning, it could impact your indoor air quality.

2) Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters are one of the most important components for cleaning your home’s air. However, they are also easily forgotten. You should clean your air vents at least every couple of months, or as often as they are dirty. If you have pets or other indoor air quality factors, you will definitely need to replace them more often.

3) Open Supply and Return Vents

Heating and air-conditioning systems are built to supply air to each room of your house, so every room is within a few degrees of the same temperature. Win energy bills are high, it is tempting to close certain rooms of your home, so you are not wasting energy. However, in addition to actually potentially raising you were energy consumption and bills, closing off supply and return vents can keep your system from purifying your air.

4) Beware of Excess Moisture

Another function of your heating and air-conditioning system that you might not think about is reducing moisture in the air. However, dehumidification is a big part of what your system is doing, especially in the Carolinas. If there is excess moisture on your window sills that are inside of your windows, around showers, in basements and crawl spaces, and other parts of your home, it could be indicative of a malfunctioning HVAC system. Also, excess moisture could lead to the development of mildew and mold that will wreak havoc on your indoor air quality.

5) Clean and Vacuum Frequently

Help your heating and air conditioning system keep your air pure and clean by regularly dusting and vacuuming. Using a feather duster may take the debris off of surfaces; however, it will send it right back into the air in most cases. Use a microfiber rag that is slightly moist to clean your dusty services. Vacuuming is a chore, but you can make the air in your home better by doing it at least every other day. If you have pets or small children that bring in dirt and debris, you may need to vacuum even more often.

6) Use an Air Purifier

For those who are especially sensitive to dirt and debris in the air, indoor air purifiers can make a big difference. There are several options, including those that are more suited to purify the air and a single room and those that will improve the air quality in multiple rooms.

One of the most important steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality is choosing a well-built home. Realstar Homes has been building the highest quality homes in the Myrtle Beach and coastal Carolina area for decades. We take every aspect of quality into account, including the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. If you want to know more about how to improve indoor air quality or how to find a home built by Realstar, contact us today.