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Everything You Need To Know About Building a New Home

Everything You Need To Know About Building a New Home

If you are searching for a new home, you must decide between purchasing new construction or a pre-owned home. There are advantages to pre-owned homes. If it is still standing, you know that it has weathered many storms. You can find out how much previous owners enjoyed the house and neighborhood. You can even get a sense of past repairs and renovations, when components were last replaced, and what will need attention next. However, you can count on a pre-owned home requiring maintenance attention within a short time of moving in. For many, this alone is enough to explore a new construction house. 

Building a new home isn’t the same as buying a pre-owned home. For starters, new homes have a lot of perks like being energy efficient, no worn-down parts in need of repair, and the ability to customize your home to your desire. However, there are many things to consider before you get to the stage of designing your home and the construction process begins. These things include budgeting, financing, timing, making choices, and deciding on where to live and who to hire.

Before you start the process of building your new home, it’s essential to do your research and plan out the necessary steps you need for your new construction home.

What Is a New Construction Home?

A new construction home is when a buyer is the first to live in the home after it has been built. There are two ways to buy a new construction home. 

  1. The first way is to purchase a plot of land and contract a home builder to build a fully custom house. This is a lengthy process that involves a lot of planning, designing, and hiring builders to complete your home. There are a number of factors to consider, including:
    • You will need to ensure your land is zoned correctly. 
    • You will need to make sure it is properly cleared and graded. 
    • You may need to find out whether you have a right to use the road or factor roadbuilding into your budget. 
    • You will probably need to budget for unexpected expenses throughout the process. 
  2. The second way is to purchase a completely built home on a property by a builder. This process is not as time-consuming as building on your own land. Although the house you have built may not be quite as customizable, many builders will have a wide range of options in their communities. 

As something of a middle ground, you can also purchase empty land from a developer and choose from a variety of pre-made home design options to build a home. Most buyers use this process because it is easier than planning a home by choosing a design and customizing the details during the construction process. 

Decisions To Make Before You Begin Shopping for New Construction

What is the occasion for considering new construction? Are you and your family ready to move to a new area or upgrade your existing house? Are you retiring and considering moving to the coast? Are you searching for a potential vacation home? Here are some decisions to make to help determine what you’re searching for and how to set your budget:

1) Where Do You Want to Live?

Location is everything in real estate. In a time when many people are working remotely and able to point to a map and choose their next city or town, here are some ideas to help you choose:

  • If you have children, you want to make sure you live near excellent schools and nice parks. 
  • If you are searching for a coastal area, you can find beautiful homes at affordable prices from Myrtle Beach to Wilmington, especially compared to other coastal areas. 
  • If you are retiring, you will want to choose a location reasonably close to quality medical care. 
  • If you like entertainment, you want to make sure your newly built house is close to areas that have plenty to do. 
  • If you like golf, you cannot beat southeastern North Carolina or northeastern South Carolina for golfing. 

2) What Do You Need in a New Home?

For families, you may think you want the largest yard possible. For retirees, you may think you are ready to build a house deep in the woods. However, before you settle on what you want, talk with your family and loved ones about what you need:

  • While you may want to live off the grid, you probably need to live near modern amenities.
  • While you may want a huge yard, you may need to choose property that is easier to maintain. 
  • While you may want a house that is easy to maintain while traveling, you may need to plan for enough space to entertain family and grandchildren. 

If you want a little less house to take care of, consider an open kitchen/living room for making the most of your space. If you are building a home for retirement, consider a first-floor master suite, so you do not have to navigate the steps as often. Make sure you plan to build for what you need, then add the elements you desire. 

3) What Do You Want in a Home Builder?

There are a lot of home builders out there. If you are searching for new construction on the Carolina coast near Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle, and the surrounding area, Realstar Homes has several beautiful communities throughout the region. We are committed to providing high-quality new construction with excellent customer service each step along the way. You can research our homes and communities online, set up an appointment to tour a house, then work with our team to make your dream home become a reality. 

Regardless of whether you are searching in our area or across the country, some qualities you want in a home builder include:

  • Commitment to building quality homes and not cutting corners.
  • Builders with experience in the area in which you’re searching.
  • Houses with choices and customization options.
  • A high level of customer service to help ensure you get the home you need and want. 
  • A team with an excellent reputation for building the highest quality homes. 

If you are in the Myrtle Beach, SC, or Ocean Isle, NC area, Realstar Homes has a great reputation for building excellent homes and communities throughout the area. We would love to talk more about our homes. 

The Next Four Steps for Finding and Buying Your New Construction Home


1) Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage/Loan

The first step to show that you are serious about buying your dream home is to get a pre-qualified or pre-approved mortgage before you start your initial search. The reason behind getting a loan is not only to prepare you, but it will help with understanding your budget and gain confidence in knowing the estimated cost of your dream home. This step will also help you narrow down your search and won’t leave you disappointed if your dream home ends up being outside of your budget.

2) Research Builders and Location

If you choose to build a house, there are two ways to go about it:

  1. You have a preferred builder and go to the location where they are developing
  2. Have a location you like and find a builder who’s developing in that area.

Either way, it’s important that you optimize both of these factors by doing your own research on the builders and locations that you will potentially choose. When starting to research, a good place to begin is by having a real estate agent. Real estate agents can help guide you towards both builders and locations that appropriately suit your needs. Don’t settle for a location that you don’t necessarily want to live in just because a certain builder is operating in that area. When choosing a builder, don’t hire a builder who doesn’t prove a background of quality projects, consistency, and reliability. Do your research and resist the urge to rush through this step. Remember to use the guidelines we discussed above.

3) Get Your Financing in Order

Just like buying a pre-owned home, you want to have an accurate idea in the market of what you’re working with in terms of finance. Setting a budget and figuring out what you can afford will help you move through the process of buying a new construction home with ease. Depending on variables like income and current debt status, a lender may require you to sell your current property before they pre-approve for your new home. It’s a good idea to discuss with a financial advisor to see what your best options are. 

4) Make a Lot of Decisions

The construction process when building a home is the most anticipating step because it is fun to customize but can also be incredibly stressful. The decisions you make are going to have a massive impact on the look and utility of your new home. Decisions also affect the final purchase price and future sale price. It’s important to make decisions that are reasonably within budget and in line with your wants and needs. Make decisions carefully, weigh your options and stick to your initial vision of your dream home

Realstar Homes | Homebuilders In the Coastal Carolinas

If you are ready to take the next step in finding the new construction home of your dreams, Realstar Homes can guide you throughout the entire process. We have many years of experience and knowledge in affordable financing, desirable locations, suppliers, and premium materials. Our homes have a reputation for quality, and our team is committed to providing excellent customer service. Realstar Homes can give you peace of mind when choosing a builder because we only work with professionals who share our principle and carefully inspect their work. Contact us to start your journey of buying a new construction home.