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​​You might think Little River is like taking a step back in time. The large, old oak trees could tell many stories from years gone by, but that does not mean the town is without its share of modern conveniences and luxuries. 

Little River is a historic fishing village on the coast of South Carolina, just minutes from the Grand Strand, hospitals, world-class golf courses, and more. You will not find a better blend of peaceful living and access to entertainment and adventure. 

For those who want a quieter, slower pace of life, without sacrificing style and comfort, Palm Lakes Plantation provides the perfect blend of modern sophistication and southern charm. This community spotlight is featuring Palm Lakes Plantation in Little River, SC.

The real estate market has grown exponentially in the last twelve to eighteen months. The effects of the global pandemic did nothing to slow down the buying and selling of property. 

There are many factors to consider before putting in an offer on a home. You must work through how much space you and your family need, accommodations for health and wellness, whether or not you need a garage, where you will live, and how to ensure you can pay for the house you want and need. 

Then you and your real estate agent search tirelessly until you find a home that meets all or at least the majority of the factors you determine are most important. 

In this market, you may already feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack, but then when you find it, someone else is trying to buy the same needle. Even if a house isn't perfect, there is pressure to put in offers on homes that check most of the boxes. 

The weather in Myrtle Beach is one of the main factors that attract people to our area. Winters are mild, and while snow is not out of the question, it is rare enough that you will seldom see it two years in a row. Spring and fall are pleasant and colorful, but summer is the real reason people move here. 

The days are full of sun and warmth, but the heat is not as sweltering as inland areas like Columbia. If it does rain during the day, it usually doesn't last for long, so you can get right back out and enjoy the beautiful beaches and world-class golf courses for which the area is known. 

You really can't beat summer in the North Myrtle Beach area. 

However, there is one potential downside to living in any coastal region. Hurricanes and tropical storms can be dangerous and cause significant damage. 

While they are relatively rare in our portion of the Coastal Carolinas, it is essential for homeowners to be prepared for the possibility of experiencing their impact. The Atlantic hurricane season begins in June and lasts through October. 

Is there a more exciting beach town than Myrtle Beach? When it comes to world-class restaurants, you won't find a higher concentration in a city our size. When it comes to golf, we are famous for being a golfer's dream destination. When it comes to the beach, there are miles of white sand, rolling dunes, and memorizing waves. 

You can count on mild temperatures during winter and a breeze that keeps us cooler than the inland parts of our state during summer. Entertainment abounds with festivals, shows, theater, and music events happening year-round. 

The only thing we don't have is boredom. 

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