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It has been a long and challenging year for people in northeast South Carolina. People have had to navigate all sorts of new waters with remote work and education while doing their best to make sure they cared for the needs of their neighbors and loved ones. Companies have found unique and creative means to ensure their trusted employees remain on the payroll, and small businesses have continued to push forward despite all odds. 

Myrtle Beach is not entirely insulated from these struggles, but we have fared well compared to many places. Homeowners in our area generally rest somewhat easier than those in places where economies were already struggling.

Myrtle Beach is one of the premier locations for enjoying summer in the Carolinas. People from all over the south travel to our area for the white-sand beaches, warm water, and world-class golf courses. You might see beachgoers surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, biking, and making the most of our area. 

Summer is not the only fun season in Myrtle Beach. There is plenty to do for residents, tourists, and retirees throughout fall. Here are some upcoming fall events in our area that should make you want to visit or live here.

For decades you have given your effort and energy to your career. Every day you did your best to make your company better. Whether you worked for yourself, climbed the latter at a corporation, or built your own business from scratch, the time has come to pass the mantle to someone else. Retirement is a time to ride off into the sunset and enjoy everything for which you have worked so hard. The big question is about where you are going to spend your golden years. Do you want a cabin deep in the woods? Do you imagine fishing every day on your houseboat? Do you want to eat at every fancy restaurant, enjoy nightlife, and dance with your partner? 

It is possible you and your significant other do not see eye-to-eye on where and how to spend your retirement.

It is no secret that Myrtle Beach is one of  the best small towns in America. Millions of tourists travel to our corner of South Carolina every year to enjoy the Grand Strand, white sand beaches, many world-class golf courses, and everything else the area has to offer. The secret has been out for a while and we continue to gain national attention for this amazing area. 

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